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Friday, 22 September 2017

Good Morning Ladies,

Thank you for your comments on the challenges for the first months challenges for the coming year. The concensus is we have monthly challenges for January and February and revert back to bi-weekly callenge from March. Marlene

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Good Afternoon Ladies,

I have been sitting here thinking about the challenges after Christmas. I thought about having a break after Christmas until March as I don't think there will be many entries in these months. Let me know what you think and also if you are willing to stay on the Design Team. Marlene

Monday, 18 September 2017

FAO Jackie

Hi Jackie,

I'm standing in for Marlene for tomorrow's challenge while she's away.  I was going to add your card to the blog but I'm not sure which one to post, I know you post a few at a time but I can't find one with tomorrow's date.  Having looked at your personal blog I think they might be out of sync.  Do you want me to use this one?

Your Poinsettia card was on the previous challenge post dated 5th September.  

Also it's your turn to pick the top 5, can you please let me have your picks by this evening.

Kind regards,

Hi Shona,

Marlene has emailed me, I am so sorry. I am on my iPad at present and it's almost bedtime. I do seem to be out of sync, I was careful at the time of posting, or so I thought. I promise to take a good look and sort it tomorrow morning. I see I am too late to pick the top 5 and I thank you so much for doing it for me.

Again, apologies to all for letting the team down.


Hi Shona, I have amended my blog and put up this on a post today. I also checked that I have all my other cards in syn, and they are. I will diary any dates when I have to select the Top 5 in future. So sorry for the inconvenience.